Website Management, Updating & Reporting

Did you know the average consumer will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load? Your website is often your first impression with a customer or potential client. That’s why it is important to make sure it is a great representation of your business goals, functions well, and is easy to navigate. We offer website management, redesign, and troubleshooting services to help you impress your digital audience!

In order to have clear goals and a better understanding of your customers, we can also offer website reporting and blog analytics services to simplify the overwhelming amount of data associated with your website. With a decade of experience as a business analyst, working for companies like JPMorgan Chase and PepsiCo, Buddy can work with you to create customized reports to meet your needs and goals.

Which Website Services Do You Need?

when you can't do it on your own, we offer website management and website maintenance services

Website Management & Maintenance

Did you know you should be updating the plugins on your website and checking for new best practices to implement regularly? If not, you probably need a website manager.

If you feel that your website is being neglected or are looking for someone to take over managing it, please reach out to discuss how we can help. Having someone to do routine updates and maintenance checks is key to a healthy website – including taking website backups, fixing broken links, running updates (after testing for issues first!), and addressing any errors.

Rates for website management and maintenance services vary depending on your needs, but are often less than $100 per month for small to medium-sized websites. Please contact us to set up a complimentary call to discuss how we can help.


Website Updating & Troubleshooting

Buddy specializes in updating your current website to a simpler and highly functional design as well as making one-off changes as needed to fix any issues you may have with your site from a past designer or new update.

Some of the website updating services we can offer:

  • Website edits and redesign to better suit your needs and goals.
  • Addressing plugin issues and other website troubleshooting.
  • Consulting on website optimization and functionality.

Rates for website updating, redesign, and troubleshooting vary, but most simple one-page website redesigns can be completed for less than $700. Since we believe communication with our customers is key to meeting your expectations, we offer a complimentary call to discuss your needs in detail.

website updating  is key to keeping your website healthy
Data you don't know what to do with? next step editing offers blog analytics and website reporting services

Website Reporting & Blog Analytics

Data is important for informing business decisions, but can also be overwhelming to manage on your own. From making sense of the Google Analytics for your blog to creating a custom report for product, financial, or goal tracking, Buddy can run the numbers to provide a clear picture of your online business with actionable insights to help inform your next steps.

Rates vary based on your needs, but most basic blog analytics and website reporting projects are around $50 per customized report. For regular reporting needs, there will be a separate, higher upfront build cost with lower fees for running the report thereafter.

Additional Details for Working Together

Ready to work with Next Step Editing? Here are a few important notes to keep in mind.

• Turn around on the average website update or report is seven to ten days. However, we can usually offer expedited services, if needed.

• If you are interested in multiple services or want to establish an ongoing relationship, please let us know so we can discuss a package deal. We can also provide content editing and proofreading, SEO, content planning and management, as well as content creation and copywriting.

• We take payment via PayPal, unless otherwise discussed.

• If you are on a tight budget but would still like help, let us know and we can discuss a potential payment plan.

For any questions or to start a conversation about working together, just contact Brooke using the form below.

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