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Ever feel like your content is just being sent into the bottomless abyss of the internet with no certainty it is ever really being read? Want more clicks on your latest post than just your mom or BFF?

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most effective ways to increase the views on your blog posts and website. Through research tools and appropriate use of current SEO best practices, we can help your content rank higher on Google and other search engines, which will increase your domain authority and give you more opportunities to grow your readership. (Learn more about why SEO is important here).

Which SEO Consulting Services Do You Need?

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SEO Editing & Consulting

This is a great add-on to our other content editing offers. For writers with online content, using SEO best practices is highly recommended. First, we’ll use keyword research tools to identify multiple keywords that your content can realistically rank for on top search engines. Then we will optimize the content to focus on those keywords appropriately and make other SEO-focused edits and additions.

SEO editing includes the following suggestions and corrections:

  • Identifying keywords based on your content goals and our research.
  • Editing content to include an appropriate combination of keywords, while maintaining the quality and tone of the writing.
  • Linking to appropriate resources and internal content.
  • Adding headers, shortening sentence length, and other best practices to improve SEO.
  • Writing of effective meta description, image alt text, and URL.

Rates for SEO editing start at $15 for a blog post or page under 1,000 words (+$0.50 per 100 words after that), with discounts for long-term editing relationships.

We also offer SEO consulting for those just wanting guidance on which edits to make to their current and future content.

Website Audit for SEO

Is your site being found on the major search engines? Let us provide a list of suggested site changes to improve your rankings, with the option to do the changes on your own (with our detailed instructions) or have us do the work for you. We’ll also include a checklist for implementing SEO best practices on blog posts to make sure you stay on track!

Some of the SEO improvements we identify in the website audit:

  • Speed and caching issues with affordable solutions.
  • Broken links and other linking issues (with list of what to fix).
  • Missed content opportunities for improved SEO.
  • Lack of effective keywording.
  • General usability issues, mobile friendliness, and suggested formatting edits.

Rates for our SEO audit vary depending on the amount of content that needs to be taken into consideration and age of the website, however, most audits range from $200 to $500. We recommend doing an SEO website audit at least once a year to make sure your site is up to date on current best practices.

we offer seo based website audits
next step editing can offer keyword research for bloggers and websites

Keyword Research

If you have a solid understanding of SEO best practices but don’t have the time or resources to identify appropriate keywords, we’re happy to gather a list for you. Through in-depth research and insights from your website statistics, we will provide a list of an agreed-upon number of keywords you should be able to rank for in your niche along with an easy-to-understand overview of the research and numbers to support our reasoning to focus on each keyword.

This can be site-wide and/or specific to individual blog posts. Our rates are $2 per keyword and if you purchase more than $50 in keyword research services, we’ll include a checklist for implementing them into your blog posts for free!

Blogger Writing Assessment

Are you more of a DIYer, but feel like your writing could use some improvements? It is no surprise that a well-written blog post helps improve SEO as well. If you are just starting out and want to make sure your writing is effective, this is a great option for new bloggers who want to reach their goals faster.

For $200, Brooke will provide a detailed review of three blog posts of your choice (each 1,000 words or less) for a stylistic and grammatical assessment including five to seven suggestions for improvement along with the marked-up versions of the content. And because we want you to succeed, we’ll include a checklist for implementing SEO best practices on blog posts as well.

have an editor evaluate your writing with our blogger writing assessment

Additional Details for Working Together

Ready to work with Next Step Editing? Here are a few important notes to keep in mind.

• Most of these SEO consulting and editing services can be completed in one week or less. However, we can usually offer expedited services, if needed.

• If you are interested in multiple services or want to establish an ongoing relationship, please let us know so we can discuss a package deal. We can also provide content editing and proofreading, content planning and management, content creation and copywriting, as well as website design and analytics services.

• We take payment via PayPal, unless otherwise discussed.

• There is a $10 minimum for any services, but we are happy to give you a credit if your total is below that.

• If you are on a tight budget but would still like help, let us know and we can discuss a potential payment plan.

For any questions or to start a conversation about working together, just contact Brooke using the form below.

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