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While accurate, error-free writing is important, flow and clarity is even more crucial to keep your readers interested and engaged. Of course, your unique voice is the key ingredient, but getting an outside perspective can help make your words shine!

Whether a social media post, online/print article, blog post, or book, Next Step Editing can work with you to take your writing to the next step. For bloggers or other online content creators, we also highly recommend checking out our SEO services to make sure your writing is reaching the right audience.

As a fellow writer, Brooke knows the content editing process can feel very intimidating and even judgmental at times, so she aims to make this a fun, pain-free experience for you. And she is extremely prompt, too.

Which Content Editing Services Do You Need?

proofreading and editing services offered by next step editing


Are you confident in your ability to self-edit and just need someone to do a final proofing for you? This is a great option if you just need another set of skilled eyes to read through your content for any typos and formatting errors.

In addition to general content creators, proofreading is also ideal for authors who are self-publishing a book and want to make sure everything looks right – including consistent font sizes and formatting across chapters and an accurate table of contents.

Similarly, experienced writers or bloggers who are expanding their content to include downloadable guides with more in-depth information can benefit from a proofreader.

Rates for proofreading are $0.01 per word, with discounts for long-term or multi-project relationships.

Basic Copyediting

Struggle with things like comma usage, run-on sentences, grammatical errors, and formatting? I gotcha. No grammar shaming here, just some helpful edits to correct common mistakes and make your writing easier for readers to enjoy. In addition to articles, blog posts, and books, this can be a great option for anyone needing to make sure their resume, online dating profile, or company about page doesn’t have anything that may distract from the intended message.

Basic copyediting includes the following corrections:

  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Sentence flow
  • Grammar and proper language usage
  • Consistent formatting

Rates for basic copyediting are $0.025 per word, with discounts for long-term or multi-project relationships.

basic copyediting service offered by next step editing
developmental editing is a service offered by next step editing

Developmental Editing

This more advanced edit includes basic copyediting as well as developmental edits to help communicate your ideas better and improve readability. Once all edits have been agreed upon with the author, I will also do a final proofread to ensure your content is ready to be published.

Developmental editing includes the following corrections:

  • Logical flow within paragraphs and chapters (if applicable).
  • Appropriate transitions, writing style, and tone.
  • Tips for improved clarity and reader engagement.
  • Fact checking, including exact wording for quotes.
  • Consistent formatting to match rest of website or book content.
  • Suggestions for additional improvements discussed with author.

Rates for developmental editing start at $0.05 per word, depending on the content, with discounts for long-term or multi-project relationships.

Additional Details for Working Together

Ready to work with Next Step Editing? Here are a few important notes to keep in mind.

• Turn around on the average blog post is two to three days and most short books are edited in seven to ten days. However, Brooke can usually offer expedited content editing services, if needed.

• If you are interested in multiple services or want to establish an ongoing relationship, please let us know so we can discuss a package deal. We also offer SEO, content planning and management, content creation and copywriting, as well as website design and analytics services.

• We take payment via PayPal, unless otherwise discussed.

• There is a $10 minimum for any services, but we are happy to give you a credit if your total is below that (for example, help with editing a short social media post).

• If you are on a tight budget but would still like help, let us know and we can discuss a potential payment plan.

For any questions or to start a conversation about working together, just contact Brooke using the form below.

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