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At some point, we all learn it is impossible to try to take on everything and still remain productive. That’s why outsourcing some of your blog management and content planning tasks can lead to meaningful improvements in your website as well as personal goals. Whether you just need to unload a few tasks or want to be completely free of content-related responsibilities for your website, we’re here to support you!

Since rates for blog management and other content services vary depending on your specific needs, please contact us with more information on what you are looking for and we can discuss what will work best for you. We love seeing companies and individuals benefit from posting high-quality, consistent content and can’t wait to help you reach your goals!

Which Content Services Do You Need?

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Content & Blog Management

Struggling to get all of your content up on your website? We can prep, format, upload, and schedule your blog posts and other content to help you maintain a regular posting schedule.

Consistency is key when it comes to online content, but the upload process is often what holds great writers back from hitting their content posting goals. Leave it to us so you can focus on your passion!

Contributor Outreach & Coordination

If you feel your blog or publication will benefit from a variety of voices, we can help you identify, onboard, and coordinate a team of contributors to make sure everyone is aligned and productive.

Having coordinated more than fifteen contributors at a time in the past, Brooke can be focused on making sure you have an appropriate mix of talented writers who are up to speed on your specific process (including writing, photo, and invoicing guidelines). Once onboarded, she can continue to coordinate the contributors or help make a plan to pass that role off to someone on your internal team.

contributor outreach and coordination for freelance writers
idea generation and content planning web content services offered by next step editing

Idea Generation & COntent Planning

For those with a great group of writers but a lack of content ideas or consistency, Next Step Editing can create a list of relevant topics based on keyword research and timeliness, as well as create a calendar for posting.

Using in-depth research on your industry and niche, as well as site analytics data for any past posts and keyword research tools, we can provide detailed content planning with a calendar of quality article ideas to help your writers get inspired to write well-performing content.

Managing Editor

If you found yourself nodding along with the descriptions above and thinking, “YES! I need help with all of this,” let’s discuss bringing Brooke on as your freelance managing editor.

By taking on this role, she’ll be handling all of your content needs including:

  • Content planning and maintaining an editorial calendar.
  • Gathering content – whether from your team, contributors she can help bring on, and/or writing it herself.
  • Doing a final edit of all content for accuracy, clarity, and consistent formatting.
  • Following all SEO best practices when uploading content to your site.
  • General content-focused blog management tasks, including updating pages, author bios, and back linking to previous articles.
  • Scheduling posts and coordinating with your social media team for sharing.

All you’ll have to do is give us some initial direction and participate in a few regular check-ins to make sure we are aligned to meet your goals, but otherwise you can be as hands-off as you’d like to be!

next step editing can offers a service for managing editors on content management services

Additional Details for Working Together

Ready to work with Next Step Editing? Here are a few important notes to keep in mind.

• If you are interested in multiple services or want to establish an ongoing relationship, please let us know so we can discuss a package deal. We can also provide content editing and proofreading, SEO, content creation and copywriting, as well as website design and analytics services.

• We take payment via PayPal, unless otherwise discussed.

• With these more personalized services, it is key to set up a time to chat before we start working with you to make sure we are on the same page regarding expectations and goals. However, we are extremely flexible with scheduling of these complimentary introductory calls and will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

For any questions or to start a conversation about working together, just contact Brooke using the form below.

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