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Hi, I’m Brooke!

Editor, writer & overall master of content.

I have spent multiple years focused on freelance editing, writing, and managing blogs for various companies and publications – with a passion for lifestyle content. I’m lucky to have a great behind-the-scenes teammate in my husband, Buddy. He is skilled in reporting, website management, and SEO best practices. Together, we are excited to offer a range of services to help enhance your content, blog, book, publication, and/or website.

Content Editing Services for Bloggers & Writers



This is a great option if you need a final read-through of content for typos and formatting errors.

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Basic Copyediting

Correction of common mistakes and suggestions to make your writing easier for readers to enjoy.

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Developmental Editing

Copyediting plus more advanced edits to help communicate more clearly and improve readability.

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SEO Consulting & Website Assessments


SEO Editing & Consulting

We’ll optimize your writing to rank for appropriate keywords through SEO-focused edits while maintaining your unique voice. One-off keyword research is also available for those just wanting guidance.

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Website SEO Audit

Is your site being found on the major search engines? Let us provide a list of suggested site changes to improve your rankings, with the option to DIY or have us do the work for you.

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Blog Writing Assessment

It is no surprise that a well-written blog post helps improve SEO as well. If you are just starting out as a blogger and want to make sure your writing is effective, this will help you meet your goals faster.

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Blog Management & Content Planning

Content & Blog Management

Struggling to get all of your content up on your website? I can prep, format, upload, and schedule your posts to help you maintain a regular schedule.

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Contributor Outreach

If you feel your blog or publication will benefit from a variety of voices, I can help you identify, onboard, and coordinate contributors to make sure everyone is aligned and productive.

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Idea Generation & Content Planning

For those needing content ideas or consistency, I can create a list of relevant topics based on keyword research and timeliness, as well as create a calendar for posting.

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Website Copywriting & Creative Content

Newsletter Writing

It is no secret that regular email correspondence is key for engaging with readers, but creating meaningful newsletters that lead to more clicks can be a challenge. That’s where I come in!

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Blog Posts, Articles & Pages

For those in need of content to match their niche, tone, and goals, I can write engaging, relevant, and accurate content for your industry as a ghost writer or regular author.

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Social Media & Website Copywriting

Want catchy, concise copy for your social media or marketing needs? From short product blurbs to landing pages, I can help you meet your website copywriting goals.

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Website Management, Updating & Reporting

Website Management & Maintenance

Did you know you should be updating the plugins on your website and checking for new best practices to implement regularly? If not, you probably need a website manager. Luckily, we can help!

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Website Updating & Troubleshooting

Buddy specializes in updating your current website to a simpler and highly functional design as well as making one-off changes as needed to fix any issues you may have with your site.

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Website Reporting & Blog Analytics

From making sense of your blog analytics to creating a custom report for product, financial, or goal tracking, Buddy can run the numbers to provide a clear picture with actionable insights to help inform next steps.

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Companies we’ve worked with

winnebago, client of our content planning and managing editor services
outdoorsy, client of our content planning and managing editor services
trustedhousesitters, client we provided with freelance creative content writing

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