30 Days of Your Stories: Your Bravest Moment

One summer my dad and I packed up my Xterra, hitched up a U-haul, and drove from Dallas to Wake Forest, NC so I could attend seminary. When I dropped him off at the airport so he could fly back to Denver, it was my bravest moment. I headed north to Wake Forest all by myself, only just meeting my Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo roommate, my new boss, and a coach at school where I would teach (who would ask me to marry him six months later). I don’t remember crying. I don’t remember rethinking that crazy decision. I just remember confidence in the path I had chosen. I remember being brave.

Day 24 of your stories: your bravest moment.

When were you the bravest? The moment you walked down theĀ aisleĀ of a church at took the preacher’s hand, telling him you were fully accepting God’s grace? The day you saw a plus sign on a pregnancy test? The moment you dropped your daughter off at school for the first time? Write about being brave. Remember the moment and share it.


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