What Are You Afraid of?

When I was deciding whether or not to call myself an editor and put myself out there, I was reluctant. My husband thought it was a great idea and asked what was holding me back. I told him I was scared. I was scared I would hang up my “for hire” sign and no one would hire me. He said, “Well, no one would know unless you cheap oakley sunglasses told them.” That was true. Fear was holding me back and I had to get over it.

What are you afraid of?

  • Your writing isn’t good enough?
  • Your platform isn’t big enough?
  • Your stories aren’t powerful enough?

Be honest with yourself about what is holding you back. Then, stop making excuses and find solutions.

Don’t think your writing is good enough? Hire an editor. Take a writing class. Join a peer critique group.

Don’t think your platform is big enough? Ask to guest post for a site you love. Interact more on Twitter.

Don’t think your stories are powerful enough? Make them as clear and inspiring as possible.

We need your art. Only you can tell your story. Be brave and share it with us. 


  1. I think you wrote this for me! Husband & I had a similar conversation this summer and I told him I was afraid of writing. He told me to get after it — use my talents! So grateful I have a good editor. 😉