Three Steps to Take to Launch Your Self-Published Book

I’m excited to have Teri Lynne guest posting today, to teach us more about marketing for the self-publishing author:

Over the past year or so I’ve helped about twenty writers develop the marketing plans for their books. In addition, I’ve released three self-published books of my own—Prayers from the Pews, Parenting from the Overflow, and Self-Publish (co-authored with Erin Ulrich). There is only one thing that is absolutely true about a book launch: Every launch is different!

The specific strategies for launching a book will vary but there are three key factors to consider when you are preparing your launch.

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Identifying Your Audience and Influencers

Hopefully, you know who your primary, secondary, and maybe even tertiary audiences are long before your book launch begins. Before you can develop a successful marketing plan, you need to know the issues, concerns, and questions your audience will have AND be prepared to explain clearly and concisely how your book can help them. Questions you can consider include:

  • Who could benefit from this information?
  • Where does my audience spend time? Are they on Facebook, Twitter, at specific websites?
  • What questions do they have which are addressed in my book?

You will also need to know who the influencers for this audience are. For example, Sandra’s book, Speechless, is targeted toward families dealing with an autism diagnosis as well as friends, family, and church staff who want to know better how to come alongside special needs families. As we talked strategy for her book, we realized some key influencers who were not in her “blogging circle” and developed ideas for connecting with them.

Determining the Intensity of Your Launch

A book launch can happen many ways. Some authors have huge launches with big giveaways and incentives for purchasing the book on a specific date. But for most of us self-publishing authors, we’re doing it on our own or with a very small launch team. You have decide what the intensity of your launch will be. Some questions you can ask yourself about the intensity of your launch include:

  • How long will the launch last?
  • How many people do I want to be involved?
  • Which avenues of social media marketing will I use?
  • What are my goals for the launch?

The last question is key!! It doesn’t matter what the answer is to that question but you have to know what you’re shooting for! {Yes, I know, I just ended a sentence with a preposition on an editing site. Sorry, Sandra!}

Incorporating Your Team

A successful launch will involve more than just you. You need a team. It doesn’t have to be a big team but you will need help! Your team can do small things like retweet or big things like host book club sessions or anything in between. But you need a team. In order to determine who your team should include ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is already supportive of the message of my book?
  • Who is consistently an encourager or prayer warrior in my life?
  • Who is connected with the audience I am trying to reach?

I have a passion for helping authors launch their books. It has been fun for me to see many incredible writers build a plan and share their messages with others. If you are interested in working with me to develop a marketing strategy for your book, please look over the information on my website and send me an email. I’d love to be a part of your team!

What questions do you have about developing a launch strategy?

Teri Lynne is a word lover, idea slinger, and encourager of rest, focus, and embracing life’s seasons.  Priorities include good coffee, excellent books, and lingering conversations. Connect with her on her site