Taylor Swift and Natalie Goldberg Agree

People connect through stories. Through images, memories, and experiences. They connect with their senses. Even if the setting or story is foreign to them, they will find something to connect with if the piece is written well.

the beauty of your story is in the details - nextstepediting.com

Good writers remember this when they write. Good song writers remember it too.

Photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red
You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin-size bed
Your mother’s telling stories about you on the t-ball team
You tell me about your past, thinking your future was me
“All Too Well” by Taylor Swift

In Swift’s song, you feel like you’re there. You can imagine the scene. You not only see what she describes, but you also add your memories—your glasses or your twin-size bed or your t-ball team. You know how embarrassing yet meaningful it is to share your memories with someone new.

“You’ll lose your reader if you are vague, not clear, and not present. We love details, personal connections, stories.” – Natalie Goldberg

Blog posts and book chapters alike come alive when you invite the reader to experience the story with you. As Goldberg instructs, add more details, personal connections, and stories.

Do you have a WIP (work in progress) that could use a few more stories? More details? Take time this weekend to add details and depth so we can all find the beauty in your stories.