When You Get Stuck in the Publishing Process (and how to push through)

The fear comes when it's time to publish - nextstepediting.com

My husband and I wrote a book over the summer. I got it edited and made the corrections. I sent it out for endorsements and they all came back positive. I have a marketing plan. My cover designer is working away. It will take one more hour of work until it’s ready to send off for formatting. Just one hour of work between having a Word document on my computer and having a paperback in my hand.

But I’m stuck.

For me, writing isn’t the hardest part of this process. I’m always writing. But most of my writing stays on my computer. My blog audience gets pieces of it, but my blog audience is gracious and kind. Amazon reviews are not always gracious and kind.

Our book is a Bible study for special-needs parents. We wrote about our experiences around the most vulnerable area of our lives. It is real and raw. And when your writing is real and feels raw, you take every criticism more personally.

Someone might say something I wrote was wrong. Or my jokes were too silly. Or the serious parts were too serious. They may not like the book. They may not like me.  

So, I have to push past all my excuses and publish even though I’m scared. Here are the steps I’m taking that help:

  • Set a deadline. I emailed the friend who is formatting the book and told her she’d have it today. Now I don’t have a choice but to put that hour of work into it. I don’t want to disappoint her, right? You could also set a deadline for publishing it and share the deadline with your blog audience and friends. Then they will start expecting your book by a certain time and keep you accountable.
  • Focus on specific people in your audience. Think to yourself, “I know _____ is going to like this book.” Or, “____ will really get what I’m trying to say here.” Zero in on real people you know will enjoy your book and forget about the imaginary crowd who may not like it.
  • Create your cover (or promo video, or website). Be creative in a different way. Get excited about your project again. Maybe you’re stuck because you’ve read the words of your book so many times it feels boring to you. Remember how excited you were when you first came up with the idea? You can get back to that level of excitement. Just tap into your creative side again and get the spark back.

Publishing isn’t easy. Sharing your art isn’t simple. But that’s the point of art, isn’t it? To share? Stop making excuses. You can do hard things.


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