Seventeen Synonyms for “Thing”

Seventeen Synonyms for "Thing" -

The word I most often edit out of a client’s writing is “that.” The second word I most often take out is “thing.” You can almost always find a word to replace “thing.” Here are seventeen ideas:

  1. Detail
  2. Trait
  3. Event
  4. Fact
  5. Figure
  6. Gadget
  7. Aspect
  8. Quality
  9. Object
  10. Tool
  11. Point
  12. Factor
  13. Thought
  14. Statement
  15. Piece
  16. Device
  17. Item

Of course, there are as many options for the word “thing” as there are “things” to refer to! The point is, take time to think of a word that actually describes what you mean to say instead of inserting the generic “thing.”


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