Review of Kindle Paperwhite

I ordered the new Kindle Paperwhite a few weeks ago and because it was back ordered, it came in this week. It has over a thousand reviews and not all of them are positive, so I’ll share my thoughts to help you decide if it may be right for you.

I own one of the early Kindles with the keyboard. While I love it, my younger son pulled it out of the case one day and broke the attachments to the case, making me unable to use Ray Ban outlet the light. I even tried it in my mom’s case and it didn’t work in it either. So I could only read when I had light. That was the  main reason I wanted a new Kindle.

The Kindle Paperwhite is lit from inside. You can make the screen lighter or darker, depending on how bright you need it to be. I find it easy to read, even in the dark and outside (a requirement since we spend lots of time outside). There are darker areas at the very bottom of the screen, but they aren’t distracting. They are below the text of the book.

Since my older Kindle wasn’t a touch screen, I’m also enjoying  how easy it is to highlight quotes and make notes.

Overall, I’m really happy with my new Kindle. 

A few more details:

  • The current estimated shipping date is December 21st, so if you want it by Christmas, now is the time!
  • I also bought a case for $19.99.
  • I went to Best Buy and play with the display model before I made the purchase to make sure it would work for me.

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