Review: On Becoming a Writer

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I am very excited to tell you about Denise Hughes’s e-book, On Becoming a Writer.

Denise is a writing professor and she includes all the wisdom she gives her students in this book targeted to bloggers. This isn’t like English class, when what you remember most is your teacher’s red pen. As Denise reminds us, “The writing life involves more than simply following a list of grammar rules.”

Denise wants to inspire you to be a writer–from deciding what you want to write about and who your audience is, to finding your voice, to revising. She’s like your personal cheerleader, encouraging you to realize your potential.

Her simple definition of a writer is “someone who has something to say and wants to say it well.”

Is that you? Do you have something to say and want to say it well? Then click over for a copy of Denise’s book. Best news? Until Tuesday (3/26) a midnight, it’s free on Amazon!


  1. Sandra, thank you for sharing this e-book with others. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. I will definitely be recommending your editing services! 🙂