Don’t Feel Guilty about Reading “Guilty Pleasures”

I used to only read non-fiction. In fact, I cheap oakley sunglasses was quite snobby about it. Someone might mention the newest fiction bestseller and I would say, “Oh, I don’t read books like that!” I still list my favorite authors as John Piper, Jerry Bridges, Elizabeth George, and Gary Thomas, but recently I’m adding more authors to my “books read” list.

Douglas Wilson writes, “. . . read widely enough to know what delights you, what you would like to imitate, and what you want to stay away from.”

So, I’m trying. Reading a wider variety than I would have a few years ago. I don’t like every book I start enough to finish it, but as I read, I’m learning how to write (or how not to write) from each author.

Last year when I wrote Speechless, I read memoirs, because I was writing a memoir. I read books about autism, because I was writing a book about autism.

Now I’m focusing more on editing than writing, so I’m reading books on grammar and style.

But I’m also reading fiction. Tons of fiction, actually. Books that keep me up past bedtime because I just can’t wait to see what happens next. And I don’t feel guilty about reading those “guilty pleasures.”

As Douglas Wilson writes about books, “Don’t be a snob. Love what is noble. Associate with the lowly.” 


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