Put This on Your To Do List: Be Bored

After dinner, before bath time, I watch Blue’s Clues. Even though we have over 130 episodes to chose from on Netflix, my four year old picks one of the same six episodes every evening. I sit with him in my lap and we watch.

It’s boring.

So boring, that I usually play on my phone or read a book on my Kindle, since I can do both of those things with one hand, and hold him with the other hand.

But lately I haven’t been doing anything. I just sit. I force myself to be bored for twenty-four minutes.

Usually, somewhere between Joe cheap oakley sunglasses finding clue #2 and the mailbox song, inspiration hits. I think of a great idea for a blog post, or I think of someone I should pray for, or something I read that day comes to mind again and I think about it a little deeper.

In our fast-paced, constantly-connected society, we have trained ourselves avoid boredom. It starts early. When my six year old says, “I’m bored,” I say, “Read a book, or clean your room, or unload the dishwasher.” I never say, “Ok, just sit there and be bored.”

We treat boredom as a problem that needs to be fixed instead of an opportunity for something great.

I’m relearning how to be bored. I’m seeing it as a gift.  I don’t scramble to fill the time. I don’t feel guilty about all the things I could/should be doing. I’m even putting it on my to-do list: be bored.

You never know what’s going to pop in your http://www.oakleyonorder.com/ head when you clear out all the noise and make room. So today, take a walk without your iPod, fold the laundry with the TV off, or sit on the back porch with just a cup of coffee.

Be bored, and you might find a moment of brilliance!


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  1. LOVE THIS!! You are genius, my friend! Genius.

  2. Since my kids were born, I can’t remember ever having a “boring” moment. My mother always said to us, “There is no such thing as boredom, only boring people.” I always took it to heart. When our kids watched television, I usually quilted, knitted, or crocheted, something I could do without feeling like I was tuning them out.

  3. Alyssa says:

    Could definitely be BORED more often. I need more time to think and ponder which being bored woudl give me.


  1. […] to find when I need it. I throw it in my purse when I leave the house, I have it next to me when I’m bored, and when I go to bed, it stays on my bedside table in case I need it when I’m falling asleep […]