Night Writer

4 reasons I'm a night writer

I spend the last hours of the day at my desk. It’s the perfect spot for writing, editing, or Pinterest-ing.  Being a night writer works for me, and here’s why:

  1. I’m not a morning person. It’s just that simple. I always want to sleep in as long as I can.
  2. After 7:30, my house is quiet. My young boys have early bed times, so at 7:30, it’s finally quiet around here. My pastor-husband often has work to do in the evenings also, it works for both of us.
  3. I like to write about what I’ve experienced, read, and talked about during the day. In the mornings, I’m a blank slate, but at night, I have a whole day’s worth of material to draw from.
  4. There’s nothing good on TV anyway. Right? Please don’t tell me if there is.

When do you do your best writing?


  1. I work best in the morning. When I had young kids, it was not that way. Mornings and days were spent with them, playing and learning. I did my degree part time when they were young, so I switched into “student” mode at night. Once we homeschooled, though, my brain was just fried at the end of the day, especially when I had a 9th grade, 6th grade, and 4th grade student. If I wanted any time to read uninterrupted, I had to get up early, so I started getting up at 5 am. Now, I just work better with a fully rested mind. I do most of my reading between 6 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., and I write in the latter part of the morning. Any writing I do at night inevitably ends up going through many edits.

    • Sandra says:

      Funny how this could change in the seasons of my life. I’m sure when my boys stay up past 7:30, I’ll need a new favorite writing time!

  2. I think I’d like being a night writer … but I’m brain dead by 7:30 pm. 🙂 So, morning writing it is for this girl.

    • Sandra says:

      You are a much better morning person than I am! 🙂

  3. I become a zombie at night. Really, I can barely focus and I certainly don’t have brilliant insights to write about at night. I’m a morning person, and that’s when my mind is most alert and ready to go. I also like the fresh possibilities of a new day–so inspiring! 🙂


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