My Resolution for 2014: To Make Your Resolution Happen

My Resolution for 2014: Help Make Your Dream of Writing a Book Come True -

Tis the season for resolutions. For one word goals. For filling up blank calendar pages and creating long to-do lists.

My #1 resolution as we kick off 2014? To help make your resolution happen.

You’ve always wanted to write a book. You have a story to share. And this is your year. This is the year you will write a book.

After you write it, you’ll want to publish it. You’ll need some help. You can only read your own words so many times before they start blurring together. You start reading what you meant to write instead of what you actually wrote. I can help.

Writing a book is different from writing on your blog or writing in your Moleskin. The rules are different. The formatting is different. The expectations are different. I can help.

Hundreds of writers will achieve their life-long dream of writing books in 2014. To stand out among them, your book needs to be the best it can be. I can help. 

I can make your writing better. I can make you a better writer.

If you’re ready right now to check my editing availability, you can email me at If you’re still making your dream to write a book come true, connect with me on Facebook for encouragement and tips.

This is your year to make it happen. I can help.