How to Create a One-Sheet

If you are attending a writers conference or pitching your book to an agent, you need a one-sheet. A (very) condensed version of your book proposal, a one-sheet gives basic information about you and your book.

Your one-sheet should have the following information:

  • Your contact info and a picture. Include your social media links (Twitter, Google+, and Facebook).
  • Your elevator pitch. When someone asks what your book is about, you should be able to answer in one to two Cheap Oakley sentences. This is your elevator pitch.
  • The “back cover” description of your book. This is a longer, more detailed description of your book.

You can also include:

  • The estimated book length.
  • Your target audience.
  • A positive quote from someone who read your book.
  • If you have an agent, include his/her contact info.
  • If you have published your book as an e-book, give the stats of how many times it has been downloaded.

A one-sheet is an easy way to introduce someone to yourself and your book. You can be creative, but make it easy to read and navigate.