How I Make My Library Work for Me

Growing up, the library was my second home. I spent so much time there, I didn’t even need the card catalog. (Do I need to put in a hyperlink for “card catalog?” Do I have any readers so young you don’t know what that is?!) In college and seminary, the library was less fun and more about work. But I’ve Vendita nuove maglie calcio poco prezzo fallen in love with the library again. Here’s how I make it work for me.

  1. I decide I want to read a book.
  2. I go on my library’s website and see if they have it. If so, I request it. My library is connected to the other libraries in the county, so even if my local branch doesn’t have the book I want, if I request it, they will bring it to my library.
  3. They email me when my requested book is in and I go pick it up.
Here comes the tricky part. I like to underline in the books I read. But I can’t do that in library books. So here’s what I do–
  1. I take a picture with my phone of the cover of the book.

     2. Then, I take pictures of any pages with quotes I want to remember.  If I know I’ll need to reference the quote, I either make sure     the page number is in the picture or take a picture of just the page number right after the quote so I keep the pictures together.

     3. Then I download the pictures to my computer and keep them in a file. The quotes are right there if/when I need them!

I’m so glad I found a way to make the library work for me again. I’m saving money and saving time, since I don’t feel guilty about not finishing a book I don’t really like if I didn’t spend money on it.

Do you use your local library? Any tips to share about how you  make it work for you?


  1. Ashley Pichea says:

    This? Is genius! When I get a book from the library, I usually keep a notebook close by and write out any quotes/thoughts I want to save. It takes a lot of effort. I like this method so much better!

  2. Faith says:

    This is wonderful! I’m always getting books from my library. No need to spend money only to find out you don’t enjoy the book. I try to remember my favorites for when it’s gift giving time or when I have extra money so then I can own the book. Currently I’m typing out quotes from books I really like on to my computer. It’s what I’ve done for college, so it’s become a habit.


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