Hobbies for Writers

Reading and writing used to be my hobbies. Now, they are parts of my job. I still love to read and write as much as I did when I just did them for fun, but when I need a break, I don’t open the laptop or turn on the Kindle. I’ve had to come up with new hobbies to remind me I can have fun away from my computer, too. Here are six hobby ideas that are especially good for writers. 

hobbies for writers

  1. Walking or running – Let’s face it, we aren’t moving many muscles when we spend most of our time sitting and typing. Now that the weather is warmer, we’re trying to take family walks every day. It helps me clear my head and remember there’s life away from the black and white screen.
  2. Photography – You’re already good at creating images in your head and on paper, now try capturing images with your camera.
  3. Cooking or baking – Put those nimble typing fingers to work kneading dough or chopping onions. There’s always a new recipe to try!
  4. Teaching – Writing can be a lonely professions. Most writers are introverts and prefer it that way. But, as a writer you have skills you can teach others. Look for opportunities to teach a high-school co-op class of homeschoolers, or at a community college.
  5. Traveling – If you aren’t living life, you won’t have much to write about. Traveling, even day trips near where you live, can give you new perspectives and ideas.
  6. Gardening – Writing takes a lot of work before you see the fruit of your labor. Gardening is like that too. Get your hands dirty and pick tomatoes straight off the vine. The work is worth the harvest.

What’s your favorite away-from-the-screen hobby?



  1. Great list, Sandra! I love it … and I have found that I like almost all of these. I’ve always enjoyed baking and playing in the dirt. Photography has become a great creative outlet … and a fabulous way to find great writing prompts!! 🙂 I’m running, a little … I don’t know if it will ever be something I enjoy but it’s definitely something I need to do.

  2. Great ideas! Even though I am not a writer, I sit and work at a computer all day. I am finding more and more that I need to get away from my desk in the evening. I still love reading; my other outlets are photography and walking. And I recently began baking bread a couple times each month, thanks to Kristin Schell 🙂

  3. I like to run {though a nerve problem has prevented me lately… hope to get back to it soon), hike, take photos and cook {though I go through ups and downs there, what with having to cook for picky kids}.

    I also like to do crafty things and my husband is trying madly to encourage the gardening.

  4. Donna says:

    I’m enjoying photography and cooking. I love to take pics of trinkets in my house, or scenery to use in my blog and article I write. Cooking healthy is a way for me to trim down a bit. Thank you for this list. Gardening sounds like fun also.

  5. Jean Blythe says:

    All the above are great! I walk, used to run, take photos, garden a bit, cook and then there is the quilting and sewing, and knitting. You’d be surprised how many problems get worked out while walking, or other hobbies. Sometimes doing straight knitting or chain piecing frees your brain to find a solution!

  6. Quilting and working at the pottery wheel are also excellent hobbies for a writer. They are tactile and get you into your body and senses.


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