Gift Ideas for Writers and Readers

Do you have any writers or readers on your Christmas list this year? Looking for something to get them besides an Amazon gift card or a donation to their ever-increasing overdue library book fund? Here are six gift ideas they will love!

  1. Type-writer stamp $24 from Anthropologie
  2. Vintage typrwriter print $7.99 from collageOrama on Etsy
  3. “I’m an English Major, You Do the Math” tshirt $24.99 from Mental Floss
  4. “Go Away I’m Reading” mug from Literary Gift Compay
  5. Meet the Deadline blend coffee $7 from Avodah Coffee
  6. “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie” canvas tote $34.95 fromĀ PamelaFugateDesigns on Etsy

P.S.- If your writer/reader really just wants books, my friends over at Design by Insight shared a list of books about writing you’ll want to check out!


  1. Another good gift for a reader is an embossing stamp. I only paid about $35 for mine, but it works really well. My daughter, the English Prof in Training would love the t-shirt.