5 Steps to Take before You Ask Someone to Help Launch Your Book

5 steps to take before you ask someone to help launch your book - from Next Step Editing

If you are releasing a book and want to put together a launch team, here are five steps you can take before you start sending out emails:

  1. Give before you receive. Do you have an idea of who you want to invite to help launch your book? Start giving to that person before you ask for something in return. Comment on her blog, share links to her posts, write a review of her book on Amazon and Goodreads. When she gets an email from you asking her to review, tweet, pin, and post for your book, she’ll remember all you’ve done for her and will be more likely to say yes.
  2. Focus on people in your tribe . . .  If you want a launch team for your book about gardening, target reviewers who garden and write about gardening. You wouldn’t ask a friend who lives in an apartment in New York City. To build your tribe, offer guest posts months before your book launches. Go ahead and set up your book’s Facebook fan page early to build anticipation. Find ways to involve the people you already know who are passionate about your subject.
  3. . . . who have different tribes of their own. Also try to find people who are reaching different audiences. Sometimes, the blogging world can feel small and intimate, like everyone you know knows everyone else. A great way to widen your audience is by following new people on Twitter and paying attention to the people they interact with, then follow those people. Start interacting with them on Twitter and their blogs, and you’ll make new friends in no time.
  4. Be generous. Offer a free copy of the book, either the e-version or print version (or both). Offer affiliate options so they get paid for the copies of your book people buy because of their recommendations. Offer copies of your book to give away on their sites. Give, give, give.
  5. Do some of the work for them. Provide tweets they can copy and paste. Create images they can pin. Give them links to your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the PDF copy. Make it as easy as possible for them to spread the word.

Remember to take these five steps before you build your launch team, so you have a better chance of hearing yes when you ask for help!

(If it all feels like too much, you could  hire someone to help you organize your book launch team and coordinate the book tour. I recently participated in the tour for Kathy Howard’s book, God Is My Refuge, and it was the easiest one I’ve ever done. She had Teri Lynne Underwood organize and run it for her. You can check out the services Teri Lynne offers for marketing, branding, social media coaching, and book releases.)


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