Get Your Book Published: Agents

First, you need to read this post from Mary DeMuth at Write Uncaged–How do you know if you’re ready for an agent?

Now, if you’re ready . . .

Here are five steps to finding your agent:

Step 1: Find lots of agents. Check out the following links for over 100 names of agents.

Step 2: Narrow down your list. Check out their websites, follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook, and read their blogs. Make a list of five to ten agents who represent authors in your genre, have a working relationship with publishing houses you are interested in, and those who you maglie calcio poco prezzo think could be as excited about your book as you are. Take the time necessary to do this step well. Research, research, research.

Step 3: Try to get a referral. Do you have any common friends who could give you a referral? Don’t be pushy, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Step 4: Write a query letter. Actually, write a few query letters. You can Google “query letter” and get lots of help. I found this post from Nathan Bransford to be one of the best. Make sure you read each agent’s requirements for query and follow them closely! Try to make the process of picking you as easy as possible.

Step 5: Wait. This may be the hardest part. The publishing process is a long journey. After you’ve sent your query letters and/or emails, you wait. While you’re waiting, keep writing, editing, getting feedback, and building your platform. Keep getting better.

Finding an agent can be intimidating, but following these five steps will help!

What agents do you follow on Twitter, Facebook, or by reading their blogs?

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