Free Gifts You Can Give Your Favorite Author

Gift ideas for your favorite authors!

  1. Leave an Amazon review – take a few minutes to tell future shoppers what you love about your favorite author’s books.
  2. Leave a Goodreads review – also helpful for those considering buying books you love.
  3. Recommend his/her books on your site – write a list of your favorite books this year  so your friends can add them to next year’s reading lists.
  4. Stop by his/her website – leave a comment, become a Facebook fan, shop using the affiliate links on the site, or click on the ads to learn more about products your favorite author may recommend.
  5. Give a shout-out on social media – connect with people who may like the same books you do by recommending your favorites on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest.

It just takes a few minutes to show your favorite authors you appreciate all their hard work by spreading the word about your favorite books. It’s a great (free) way to say thank you!