Five Steps to Take When Your Book Is Still a Work-in-Progress

Here are five steps to take when your book is still a work-in-progress that will save you (and your editor) a lot of time later!

  1. Include full information for every quote: author, book title, page number, publisher, year it was published, and location it was published. If it came from a website, you also need the date you accessed the site and the full web address.
  2. Note which translation of the Bible you use each time, if you use more than one. 
  3. Decide if you are going to capitalize pronouns referring to deity and be consistent
  4. Every time you type the word “that,” stop and read the sentence without the word. Can you take it out without changing the meaning of the sentence? You can almost always eliminate it! (If you’re referring to people, as in “The church members that sat in my usual pew,” you should actually use “who.”)
  5. Pay attention to the squiggly lines under words and sentences when typing your document in Word. Spell ray ban baratas check and grammar check aren’t always right, but you need to at least take time to see if they are.