Five Places I Go for Inspiration

It happens to all of us. We sit in front of blank screen or page and just have nothing. Don’t give up!  Here are five places I go when I need inspiration.
5 places I go for inspiration

  1. Outside– I either take a walk or go for a drive down the back roads. Just seeing something besides my four walls helps inspire me.
  2. The book store (or library)- I like to see what other people are writing about. I love to check out book cover designs and author bios. What topics are in the best selling section? Which authors have entire shelves devoted to them? Spending some time with “my people” helps me remember why we all do this writing thing.
  3. TED talks– It’s lectures on interesting subjects by the top people in their fields, like Susan Cain, Brene Brown, Ken Robinson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jamie Oliver, and Temple Grandin. I have the app on my phone and listen for fifteen minutes at a time. I always learn something and I usually come away with a new book to add to my to-read list.
  4. My Google Reader account– I follow some amazing and inspiring blogs on writing, parenting, faith, and even sewing (and I almost never sew). Just reading what other creatives are writing about can get me thinking about what direction I want to take.
  5. My notebook– It’s where I write down ideas, quotes, references, and even words I like. When I need to prime the pump, something in my notebook always get the ideas flowing.

And if all else fails, since I’m a night writer, I just go to bed. Then the next day I put butt in chair and try again.