How to Find More Time

What can you give up in order to get what you really want?

My husband and I sat down the other night to plan our summer. We have trips to take, therapy for one son and theater camp for the other, Vacation Bible School, and church activities. He has classwork for his doctorate program and I have editing jobs. And we’re writing a book we hope to release in September. There are so many things we want to do. We just aren’t sure there are enough hours in the day to get them all done.

So, we thought about things we didn’t have to do. Like mowing the yard. Or folding laundry.

Now, before you think we’re going to just let the grass grow and run around pant-less, let me point out I didn’t say these things didn’t need to be done, only that we didn’t have to do them. The teenage boy across the street will mow the yard. Our older son can help fold laundry. They will get done, just not by us.

Think about all you do in a week and ask yourself if each item is something you have to do or if anyone can do it. You have to be the one to go to work each day. You have to spend time with your kids and spouse. You have to take care of your health by getting enough exercise and sleep. But, there are some things on your list you don’t have to do.

  • Can you hire a babysitter or mother’s helper to watch the kids a few hours a week? 
  • Can you designate one night a week as pizza or freezer meal night?
  • Can you hire a virtual assistant to answer emails and help with your social media accounts?
  • Can you let someone else teach the co-op or Sunday school class you usually teach?
  • Can you take a month off from writing for contributor sites?
  • Can you hire someone to help clean house or run errands for you?
  • Can your kids take on more responsibilities around the house?
  • Can your husband help in ways he doesn’t usually help?
  • Can you line up guest posts for your blog?
  • Can you say no to cookouts, movie dates, and girls’ nights?

These don’t have to be long-term changes. You may just need extra time for a month before your book deadline. Or for a season while you try to build your platform. Prioritize your to-do list by things only you can do and get help with what’s left. Invest in yourself and your dreams.


  1. My husband and I feel the same way. He offices out of our home and I homeschool. We are home a lot! We just hired a sitter to come every Tuesday afternoon for 4 hours so we can leave the house together and go work in a coffee shop uninterrupted. Also, the sitter cleans the schoolroom/playroom and helps the kids clean their rooms. I love knowing that once a week the playroom will be spotless and I didn’t have to do it!

    • Sandra says:

      Nice! Time together and a cleaner house. Win-win! 🙂

  2. I always find ways for my kids to have more responsibilities around the house 😉

  3. I have been thinking and writing about very similar things. We are trying to have a summer that’s fun and relaxed, but also productive. It definitely requires setting priorities and delegating some tasks.