Three Changes Bloggers Need to Make When They Write Books

Three Changes Bloggers Need to Make When They Write Books -

  • Less formatting – Most blog readers scan, so blog writers use formatting to draw attention to the most important points in their posts. They may change the font size or make words bold or italicized. Most book readers, however, want to read every word of your book. They paid to read each word. Changing the formatting can be distracting and make your writing even harder to read, especially on an e-reader.
  • No scare quotes – According to Wikipedia, “Scare quotes are quotation marks placed around a word or phrase to imply that it may not signify its apparent meaning or that it is not necessarily the way the quoting person would express its concept.” They are quite popular with writers these days, especially bloggers. Problem is, they are rarely necessary. Editors and publishers are encouraging (even requiring) authors to get away from using them.
  • Full info for quoting other sources – In a blog post, all you have to do to cite a source is mention the author and link to either his/her site or book. But in a book, you need full parenthetical info. To quote from a book, you need the author, name of book, year published, publisher, city published, and page the quote appears on. For a webpage, that includes the author, title of article, name of site, and date you accessed the site. When writing your book, make sure to gather all that information so you don’t have to hunt for it later.

What other habits have you noticed blog writers have that they may need to change when writing books?


eBook, e-book, or ebook – Which Is the Correct Spelling?

eBook, e-book, or ebook - which is the correct spelling -

I’ve seen the word spelled eBook, e-book, and ebook, but which spelling is correct? Well, The Chicago Manual of Style and The Associated Press Handbook both say e-book is. And if capitalized, it’s E-book. Could it evolve like “email” has and eventually just be “ebook”? I hope so. But for now, we’ll follow the guides and include the dash!

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Links on Reading, Writing, and Marketing

read books cartoon

My newest self-published book is due to the editor Monday, so I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on it. Since all my creative energy is focused on that project, I thought I’d share my favorites from what other people have written recently about reading, writing, and marketing.

  • Chad R. Allen released a book entitled Do Your Art. You can get the Kindle or print version, or head to his site to find out how to get it for free.