Building a Facebook Community around Your Book (Not Just a Fan Page)

(blank FB template via Feeding the Narcissism)

I was cleaning out my Facebook feed recently and “unliked” lots of fan pages e-book authors had created after publishing their books that they no longer update. It struck me that these pages were Cheap Oakleys truly “fan pages” and not pages that built a community around their books. How do you create a “community page” that keeps people talking about your book months after it launched? Here are some ideas:

  1. Talk about your life and not just your book. How did writing your book change you? What are you still learning? Has your life changed since first writing the book? Share these stories. Even more than being a fan of the book, you want them to be a fan of you as a writer, so they will keep coming back for more.
  2. Share links to more information on the subject of your book. Is there a book you read when doing research for your book? A recent study? An excellent blog post about the same subject? Link to them and keep the conversation moving.
  3. Keep blogging about the subject and share links to your blog. If someone was interested enough to read a book about it, they’ll likely want to read more from you.
  4. Share quotes from your book to remind people what they loved when they read it. If you sold your book through Kindle, you can see what parts your readers highlighted. Start by quoting these passages on your page.
  5. Give back to the people who gave you their time and money. Are they asking questions? Do they want to share how your story impacted them? When they take time to write on your wall, be sure to respond.
  6. Ask them to add to the conversation. Ask how you can pray for them. Ask questions related to the subject of your book. Just ask how their weekend went. Anything to keep them talking/typing!

I love the Facebook community that has formed around my e-book, Speechless. I feel like I’ve made new friends who I can encourage and who encourage me.

What tips do you have for building a “community page” and not just a “fan page” for your book?


  1. May I add my two cents? I agree with everything you’ve said. As someone who has created several FB pages, I would only add that if you don’t think you can sustain a FB community for your book, it might be better to create a community around you as the brand that gives room for the many projects you might develop over the years. I wish I had done that instead of several different pages. Great info Sandra, as always!


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