Books on Marketing for the Indie Author

books on marketing for self-publishing authors -


When you self-publish a book, the entire process is in your hands. You are responsible for writing, editing, marketing, and distributing (or hiring help for each area). Many of my clients struggle the most with marketing.

Marketing is simply connecting your work with an audience. The primary way to market is through your blog and social media accounts. They make up your platform. Your idea or product spreads when you ask others to use their platforms to market for you, like when friends review your book on their blogs. Sometimes, you don’t control your marketing, like with Amazon and Good Reads reviews.

If you are self-publishing, you may need help to build your platform, connect with your audience, and market your book. Here are six books I recommend reading: (affiliate links included)

Next month, Teri Lynne Underwood will be guest posting on ways you can market your self-published book. Teri Lynne is great at developing marketing strategies and organizing book tours for indie authors. I’m excited to share her knowledge with you.