Book Writers: Follow The Chicago Manual of Style

At the Allume conference in October, there was a session with a panel of writers. They answered questions about everything from self-publishing to writing with honesty. One of the writers said she hired four editors to fix her book before self publishing. She said it was the worst mistake she made. Why? Because each editor made different suggestions and only one of the editors followed The Chicago Manual of Style. Her advice? Hire one good editor and make sure he/she follows The Chicago Manual of Style. 

There are some rules book writers have follow that blog or article writers don’t have to follow. An ellipsis is a prime example. In the Associated Press Guide, you type the ellipsis without dots between each dot. As the picture to the right shows, you treat an ellipsis like a three-letter word. But that’s now how The Chicago Manual of Style tells writers to type an ellipsis. You are supposed to put spaces between each dot and between the ellipsis and the words that surround it.

Before you hire an editor for your self-published work, make sure he/she follows the guidelines for book writers from The Chicago Manual of Style.