5 Options for Background Noise When Writing

Sometimes I write in silence, but most of the time I like a little background noise. Here are my five go-to options:

  • 5 Options for Background Noise When Writing - nextstepediting.comInstrumental music. My favorite is a station I created on Pandora of movie scores. Classical music is fine, but I like to feel like there’s action happening, which is why movie scores work well.
  • Movies I’ve seen over and over. For me it’s Twilight or the Harry Potter movies. I can have them on and not pay much attention to them. Except for this scene. I always look up for it. (Don’t click if you haven’t read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies!)
  • Sports. My husband loves to come in the room when I’m watching a game on TV and ask me what the score it. “I don’t know,” I say. Or even better, he asks me who is playing, “Um, I don’t know.” (Basketball is the best because the rhythm of the game is so consistent.)
  • Coffee shop noise. Even if you don’t write in a coffee shop, you can download apps that play coffee shop noises, like Coffitivity (which is free). How fun is that?
  • Rain. Rain may be my absolute favorite. It rained most of today and I could hear the water drops hitting the leaves and ground outside while I hit the keyboard inside. Rain is my favorite smell to write to also.

What background noise do you like best when writing?