5 Books to Read While We Wait for Downton Abbey to Return

Last night we laughed, we cried, we consoled ourselves with chocolate and witty banter on Twitter as we watched the final episode of season 3 of Downton Abbey. So, what are we supposed to do with our Sunday nights now? I have five ideas that might make the wait go faster.

books to read while you wait for Downton Abbey to return - from Next Step Editing

  1. If you love the love triangles of Mr. Bates/Anna/Vera and Edith/her editor/his wife, you might also enjoy Jane Eyre. It not only has a love triangle, but also the older man/younger woman dynamic happening. And of course, if you survived the last episode of DA, you know not all good love stories have to have the happiest of endings.
  2. When Bates defends Thomas, O’Brien says to him, “Well I am surprised to find out you are a fan of Mr. Oscar Wilde.” I actually am a fan of Oscar Wilde, especially his play The Importance of Being Earnest. If it’s the wit of Downton Abbey you are missing the most, you will enjoy it also.
  3. As we will move into the roaring twenties with the new character Rose to guide us, you might want to re-visit The Great Gastby for the across-the-pond version of the happenings of that time period. (Bonus–while we wait for DA to return, we’ll get the Baz Luhrmann big-screen version of this classic book.)
  4. If you’re missing the strong bonds between sisters who belong to the same family but couldn’t be more different, pick up a copy of Little Women. It’s set decades before Downton Abbey, but it will certainly meet your need for family drama.
  5. For the true history buffs, check out The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy. The true stories of families like the Granthams may be even more interesting than the TV version.

All is not lost Downton Abbey fans! We must face the new era with the resolve (albeit, also the reluctance) of Lord Grantham. Head to the library and let’s make the most of the months we have until we get back to the upstairs and downstairs drama we’ve grown to love.


  1. Life after Downton Abbey? At least life in the meantime. These are awesome suggestions. Imagine what Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen would think of their masterpieces being the subject of blogs, tweets, and texts?

    Thanks, friend!