30 Days of Your Stories: Cars

We’re on day 6 of our 30 Days of Your Stories series. The topic today is cars. I wrote this about my beloved Xterra a few years ago when we traded her in. Since I’m writing my stories for my boys to read someday, I thought this would be a fun one for them!


If you’ll indulge me for one post, I’d like to walk down memory lane with Excalibur (Cal for short), my Xterra for nine years. I know not everyone gets as attached to their cars as I do. Some of you don’t even name your cars! Gasp! But ol’ Cal and I have been through a lot together. And thanks to cash for clunkers, she’ll be scrap metal soon.

One day back in 2000 I saw a picture of Nissan’s Xterra in a magazine. I fell “in like” immediately. I’ve always been attracted to the strong, solid, boxy type. The Xterra’s tag line: “Everything you need and nothing you don’t.” I’m a low maintenance gal, so this was just the SUV for me.

The Xterra now know as Cal was my college graduation gift. I got her a little early thanks to a serious hail storm in Abilene that totaled the Monte Carlo I was driving. (My fling with that car was short lived, she never meant anything to me. Seriously.) That first year together was pretty uneventful. Back and forth to class. Saturdays at Rick and Carolyn’s for a hamburger. We took good care of each other though. I even Ray Ban outlet convinced my boss at the time to get me a faculty/staff parking decal so I got to park right along with the sensible cars my professors drove!

After graduation Cal and I moved near Dallas. We drove everyday to my first teaching job. Almost 45 minutes from home to work and back again. After a year of that we packed her up, attached a U-Haul, and moved from Dallas to Wake Forest, NC. She was back to taking me to class and work every day.

Lee and I had our first date in Cal. We drove off in her after out wedding reception. We packed her up and moved to his first pastorate. We brought our first baby home in her. Then we had a couple more local moves. Somewhere in there we brought home baby #2. Soon after that, Cal became Lee’s car and I was “promoted” to a mini-van. But she was always there if I needed her–on those days I wanted to feel more like the recent college grad with big ideas than the mother of two under two years old (ok, still with big ideas!).

Cal made one last big move with us, up to Pennsylvania. She wasn’t sure she would fit in with all the four-wheel drive SUVs up here, but hey, we go where we’re called by God to go. And she has taken Lee the 25 minutes to work and back each day without complaint. And although he doesn’t love her like I do, she’s still been faithful to him.

But she needs new tires. And the AC doesn’t work all the time. And she doesn’t get good gas mileage. So we’re trading her in for a sensible, I mean sporty, sedan.

I just want to say Cal, it’s not you, it’s me. Or maybe it’s both of us. I just can’t keep giving and giving when a lower maintenance car is just a small car loan http://www.gafasraybanoutletes.com/ away. And although I’d love to pass you along to someone else who would love and care for you, the government won’t allow it. At least pieces of you will live on. And after a life of sacrifice, I think it’s a fitting end. Thanks for the memories Cal!



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