30 Days of Your Stories

Writers are story tellers, and some of the best stories you can tell are your own.

In September, I’ll be sharing thirty writing prompts to encourage you to tell your stories. They will be broad enough to allow for freedom but specific enough for you to really think about what you want to write.

What are you supposed to do with thirty stories about yourself? Use them as blog illustrations, capture them for your children, lock them away and throw away the key . . . the point is to write. To remember. To experience again. To bring resolution. To laugh out loud at yourself. To cry one more tear.

If you’ve lived ten years,  you have Oakley Sunglasses cheap enough writing material for your whole life. If you’re thirty years old, stop everything. You already have too much to capture. -Natalie Goldberg

I hope you’ll join us! Keep up with each writing prompt by subscribing to the blog or becoming a fan on Facebook.


  1. Oh, this will be great. I’m looking forward to your writing prompts, and I suspect the series will be a resource I return to again and again. Ha! Can you say “Pinterest”? 😉