30 Days of Your Stories: Your Favorite Year in School

By far, the best grade in elementary school was 4th grade. We studied Oklahoma history and got to have a land run on the playground, running or riding our horses bikes across the line when the noon school bell rang. We raced to stake-off our land and then hurried back to the deed office to claim it as ours. The Boomers and Sooners went early, of course. A few were arrested and thrown in jail. After eating our lunches in our squares of land, we all Ray Ban outlet came back together to celebrate and square dance. A few weeks before we had written down three names on a piece of paper and folded it as tiny as possible, so no one but our teacher would see which three boys we liked enough to dance with in front of everyone. I was paired with a boy named Richie. He was not one of the three I wrote down. His hands were sweaty as we do-si-doed around the swing set.

Day 9 of your stories: your favorite year in school.

Was it when you had the best teacher ever? Was it in middle school when you were the star of the tennis team? Was it your Senior year when you made the most memories? Write about it.


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