30 Days of Your Stories: Vacation


When I was young, we drove our silver station wagon from Oklahoma to South Carolina to meet lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins at the beach. To start our cross-country trip, Dad woke us up really early and carried us each to the car, where he had already flattened down the backseats and laid out our sleeping bags and pillows. We went right back to sleep until we stopped for breakfast a few hours later. A slumber party in the back of the car was always the kick-off for a great vacation.

Day 3 of Telling Your Stories: Vacation

What is your best vacation memory? What’s your worst? Is there a place you went every year Ray Ban outlet that you loved? One place special you’ll always remember? Did you vacation with family or friends?

What are your vacations like now?  Cross-country trips or staycations? Beaches or mountains? Roller coasters or boat rides?


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