30 Days of Your Stories: Shoes

Before my son was two years old, he loved talking about colors. As time went on, he lost some of his communication skills, including the ability to name colors,even his favorite color chartreuse. He was diagnosed with autism around the time he turned three, and we have worked hard to help him maglie calcio poco prezzo strengthen his communication skills. We buy anything we see that’s chartreuse, including these shoes. One morning as we waited for the school van, he looked as his shoes and said, “Chartreuse!” with a big smile on his face. They will always be my favorite pair of shoes!

Day 22 of your stories: shoes.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Do you remember your first pair of high heels? The pair of shoes you wore on your first date with your husband? The running shoes you lace up each morning? Write about them.


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