30 Days of Your Stories: Saturday Morning

When I was growing up, every Saturday morning was the same. My dad got up early and got us breakfast, donuts from Daylight donuts and biscuits from Hardees. My sisters and I slept in as long as we could, then headed to the kitchen. The maple long john was mine; the biscuit with just egg was my little sister’s.

Day 1 of telling your stories: Saturday morning.

Write about Saturday mornings, either now or at maglie calcio poco prezzo some time in your past. How late did you sleep in when you were a kid? What did you have for breakfast this morning? In college, did you spend Saturday mornings getting ready to go to the big football game? Do you take your kids to your parents’ house on Saturdays? Do you get up early to run?

(I’m keeping a journal with my 30 stories in it to share with my boys someday. You can write down your stories, type them in a document, or share them with me in the comments or on my Facebook page. Whatever feels right to you is right!)


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