30 Days of Your Stories: Purse

My mom used to carry a purse so deep it had layers. The first layer was her wallet and keys. The second layer was her coupon holder, small make-up bag, nail file, tissues, and sunglass case. The third layer, if you were brave enough to dig down so far, was a collection of peppermints she grabbed on her way out of our favorite Mexican food restaurant.

After having her purse stolen out of her car, and then a few months later fighting off a man who was attempting to steal her new purse, she now carries a small bag across Ray Ban outlet her body with only the essentials. No room for layers. No more peppermints.

Day 8 of your stories: purse.

What’s in your purse right now? What do you remember about your mom’s purse? What did your very first purse look like? Have you ever had your purse stolen? What do you add to or take out of your purse when you go somewhere specific? (Examples- What do you add when you go to church? What do you take out when you go on a date?)


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