30 Days of Your Stories: Neighbors

When I was seven, all the kids in our neighborhood decided to have a parade on down our street. We decorated our bikes and wagons, went door-to-door telling everyone what time the parade would start, and then lined up and paraded down Emery Road.

When I was fifteen, we lived on a street full of boys who were a couple years older than I was. I was mortified when Dad said he would teach me to mow the yard but I had to wear Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo goggles so nothing would poke my eyes out. I’m pretty sure all those boys looked out their windows and laughed at me.

Neighbors can make a big difference in your life, no matter how old you are.

Day 2 of telling your stories: neighbors.

Who were your neighbors? Kids your age? A huge dog? A mysterious Boo Radley type? Who lived down the hall from you in your dorm? Who lives across the street now? What friends have you and your kids made at the bus stop?


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