30 Days of Your Stories: Lying

In college, I worked an office job that wasn’t much fun. One week I wanted a break so I called in three days in a row, saying I had food poisoning. When I got back to work, lots of people in the office asked where I had cheap oakley sunglasses eaten that made me sick. I said it was my favorite pizza place. A couple months later, the pizza place closed. I was 99% sure it was my fault.

Day 13 of your stories: lying. 

What is the worst lie you’ve ever told? What was the first lie you ever told? Write about it today.



  1. Patti Kendall says:

    I was five years old once, a long time ago. I remember being in nursery school, at playtime, there was this red haired boy who had some absolutely fabulous toys that I wanted. He had farm animals, really good farm animals, true to life colors and everything. I coveted his mama pig and baby piglets, I wanted them badly.

    So my Mom came and picked me up. We were walking across the paved driveway when my Mom turned and looked at me suspiciously. “What’s wrong with your legs?” she asked. She did seem quite concerned.

    “What are those bumps?’ she asked, half way from sounding alarmed to accusing. She was starring at my socks. My socks that had random lumps here and there.

    Lumps in the shape of little pigs.

    I remember slowly rolling down my knee high blue socks and all those little piggies that I had carefully shoved down there fell out onto the black driveway..

    I pretended I had no idea where they had come from. I knew I was lying. I wanted those piggies bad.


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