30 Days of Your Stories: Accents

My mom says “wash” with an r sound, like “warsh.” My husband says I do too, but I don’t believe him. What does he know about pronouncing words correctly? He calls pecans (pronounced “puh-cons”) “pee-cans.”

Day 5 of your stories: accents. 

When did you realize you had an accent? When did you first say to someone else, “You aren’t from around here, are you?” Have you traveled anywhere and just wanted to sit and cheap oakley sunglasses listen to the way people speak? Have you ever been afraid to speak because you knew you didn’t sound like everyone else? Write about it!


  1. Patti Kendall says:

    A long long time ago, I found myself in California working as a nurse. I remember one time I asked two of my co-workers to pass me a draw sheet(which is a short sheet that lies under a patient so the nurse can move them up on the bed).

    My co-workers stared at me with uncomprehending looks on their faces.

    I repeated, “can you hand me a draw sheet?”

    “A draa sheet?” asked one of the other.

    ” A draw sheet”, I exclaimed. Noting their blank stares I realized they were having difficultly understanding my accent, my accent!

    “A drraw sheet” I said again, making sure I dragged the r sound loud enough for them to hear it.

    It was the first time I actually realized that someone might not understand me because of my accent.

    • Sandra says:

      I love it, Patti! So funny how even though we speak the same language, sometimes we still can’t understand each other.


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