10 Ways to Find More Time to Read

Looking for more time to read? Here are 10 ways to find more minutes in your day to open a book (or turn on your e-reader)!

  1. When waiting in the car pool line.
  2. Instead of checking Facebook/Twitter one more time.
  3. While the kids are taking a bath.
  4. During commercials.
  5. When riding in the car
  6. While dinner is in the oven
  7. Instead of watching that rerun of Friends again.
  8. When you can’t sleep.
  9. While on your lunch break.
  10. As you exercise with audio books or downloads.


  1. One way that I have found more time to read is to avoid television as much as possible. I may watch one or two hours of television a week. When we were homeschooling our children, they were only allowed 30 minutes of television a day, and now, they are all readers. I had to laugh when I saw your reference to “Friends,” because that was a show we had to stop watching ourselves, because some of the content was not really very moral or edifying.

    Reading when one cannot sleep is very useful also in middle to late life, i.e. menopause, because sleep patterns are always disrupted.

    And as for social media, well, I think we can all agree that is detrimental to our attention spans, so reducing it in favor of reading is an excellent choice.

  2. Dawn says:

    Ha, you got me on the watching of Friends reruns! 🙂 When I keep the tv off at night, I do get a good 30 more minutes of read time in before falling asleep. I also read during commercials, though tivo has rendered that a little obsolete.